About Rynmag

RynMag Computer Programs create solutions for Business Demands, by being dedicated in finding solutions for all management needs.

The software is desktop based, ideal for more compact organizations as well as Server based for the larger corporation.

We deliver:

RynMag believes that small businesses should become HUGE and can assist you to make it happen with ease!

RynMag has, through the various products, created organizational frameworks for businesses to identify and control their Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality risks, and reduce their potential for accidents while complying with Legislation and improve their performance as measured by the various International Standards.

The RynMag products have the following benefits:

  • General reduction of administrative tasks whereby time and overheads are cut with greater efficiency.
  • Easy implemented Computer programs with complete structure for the effective Management of International Standards.
  • The program requires minimal staff training due to simple structuring.
  • Include Site Files with direct links to your documents.
  • Ensures that the viewer ALWAYS view the latest version of Approved documents, which avoids mistakes and lessens time consuming searches..
  • Reminders notify users of required tasks.
  • No more “lost” documents.
  • Saves storage space and costs.
  • Improved security controls through password system.
  • All employees have access to relevant documentation.
  • RynMag cut the costs of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Management.

RynMag systems aid organizations in providing a safe working environment for their workforce, and in complying with Occupational Health and Safety requirements, working with RynMag will enable your organization to reduce the amount of risks posed. Rynmag 182 is designed to perform specific functions all of which can be configured to specific requirements to ensure that RynMag seamlessly integrates with existing Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality processes.

The RynMag 182 system allows documents in MS Word, PDF , JPEG and various other formats to be stored alongside the specific records, which in turn allows for the retrieval of all relevant documentation related to the specific record, when required.

It provides an integrated approach for Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Records.

The RynMag 182 system has a built-in Archive for the storing of all relevant documents even after their replacement.

Studies have shown that proactive organizations, (In terms of their Occupational Health and Safety), are far less likely to feel the ill effects from accidents, and enjoy increased productivity and revenue.

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