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The main reason why a lot of mines provide mine health and safety training is to ensure that productivity in the workplace is not affected by injuries or illnesses. It may even be required by law in other instances. When it comes to mine health and safety training, employees are not the only people who should have sufficient knowledge at their disposal. Employers should also consist of knowledge about the risks found at work; as such, they should pass the information down to their staff. Whatever the motivation behind mine health and safety training, its ultimate goal is to equip the entire workforce with the necessary skills needed to perform their daily tasks with as little harm as possible.

Considerations of Mine Health and Safety Training

  • Some important factors need to be taken into consideration before mine health and safety training can begin in the workplace. The evaluation of the characteristics of the employees is one of the most important of these. This should be done to make it possible for the program to cater to each worker’s specific needs. For example, new employees require special attention as they are not familiar with the mine’s first aid and evacuation procedures. Some of the existing employees also need to undergo some refresher courses from time to time to sharpen up their mine health and safety skills learned before.

Evaluation of Mine Health and Safety Training

A wide variety of mine health and safety training modules are available. It ranges from illness prevention to evacuation drills. In order to assist a mine in selecting the mine health and safety training module most relevant to their workplace, an objective source of information, like their track record, should be taken into consideration. There are always some areas that require more focus than others. Data on injuries, diseases, and other situations will help identify which areas the most need focus. Insight provided from the employees themselves is crucial, seeing as they are the ones who come in contact with the existing risk factors present in the workplace. After concluding the mine health and safety training period, all employees should follow it up with an evaluation to see whether any changes took place. Records regarding the statistical data on mine health and safety training, both before and after, should also be kept. This way comparisons can be made to determine whether the mine health and safety training was a success or not.

Methods of Mine Health and Safety Training

Information on effective mine health and safety training are mostly relayed to employees in either one of two methods. Lecturing that takes place in a classroom setting is the one method. When theory and concepts need to be discussed, this is most effective. The second method is known as on-the-job training. During this method, a particular employee is assigned a mentor to experience firsthand how they should and should not perform on the job.

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