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Maintains Customer Satisfaction

Environmental concerns have never been more important than in this day and age we are living in now. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling direct to the public, or into another industry, environmental concerns form part of your company. Most purchasing agents would agree that if factors such as delivery, quality, and pricing were equal they would rather choose vendors which have Environmental Management System (EMS) programs in place than those who do not.

Environmental guidelines are already imposed by some purchasing departments for their vendors. If you are considered as a small supplier, you should remember that all down line vendors are taken into account by all Environmental Management System programs. This could have a negative impact on your current business relationship.

Prevents Insurance Rate Hikes

Insurance companies are only now realising the excessive costs associated with environmental clean-up. The special insurance riders they make use off have a direct cost impact on the customer.

A certified Environmental Management System protects businesses from additional environmental insurance rate hikes.

Financial Support Gained

Whether you are a multi-national corporation or simply a one man operation, fact is you will always have to work with outside contributors regarding the funding of your business. Those who might have a direct stake in your business include shareholders, investors, or your local bank. These mentioned contributors will support you that much more if they know you are very serious about environmental responsibilities, no matter what their investment category.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors

A documented Environmental Management System can be considered as your “trump card”. The general public and purchasing agents in particular are on the look-out for something that sets you apart from other companies offering the same. Thus, if your business has a solid Environmental Management System program, you can be sure that it will not go by unnoticed by purchasing agents.

Apart from setting you apart from your competition, it can also open up new opportunities for the future. For example, big companies will not even think of buying from you if you do not have an Environmental Management System program in place. Having an Environmental Management System in place is a requirement all their vendors must comply to. Although this currently applies only to tier one vendors, it could soon include all vendors supplying tier one vendors. This in turn means that if big companies are supplied by one of your customers, they could soon be required to buy only from companies with an established Environmental Management System.

Compliance to Government Standards

In order to ensure that you comply above and beyond all national requirements, you should have a documented Environmental Management System in place. The embarrassment of violating environmental regulations can thus be avoided.

Having an established Environmental Management System in place also allows you to participate in various environmental programs held annually. You can look forward to many additional benefits once you form part of such programs.

Improved Productivity

The main goal of an Environmental Management System program is to find and address efficiency through the conservation and reduction of energy and materials. Cost savings should thus be the lasting result. However, the results will vary from one business to the next, because all businesses differ. Learning skills needed to pinpoint potential cost reductions are of the utmost importance.

International Trade Standards Compliance

Stringent environmental regulations were imposed in many countries over the last few years. All businesses working with overseas clients will have experienced this. Canada, China, the EU, and India in particular imposed environmental regulations which are extremely strict. Other countries are thus coming to the realization that in order for fair trade to continue, they too have to up their environmental regulations. They should also adapt to the ever changing environmental laws or risk billions in trade revenue.

Savings through Effective Waste Management

Cost savings can also be achieved through the conservation and reduction of waste disposal. If all processes leading up to waste is conserved and reduced, your byproduct will be less wasted. Costs related to compliance, waste hauling, storage, and disposal are thus eliminated.

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