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RynMag Management Systems is a South African based company specializing in the creating and implementing of Computer based Management Systems for small and large enterprises in all regions of the world, which has a need for a system based on any of the following Standards or requirements:

We have a computer based fully automated management system that will give people in your company, access to relevant SHEQ information. The legal register of your Enterprise (inclusive of all Legislation) would form part of the system along with all Amendments and Regulations.

The RynMag System is not only for companies needing ISO / OHSAS based Management systems, but also companies who has their system fully implemented but in need of a Computer based management System for the distribution of information and maintenance of the ISO based management system.

Read more about the different options within the RynMag Management System:

The RynMag Management System will address management and documentation distribution or maintenance issues within the following industries along the requirements set by you along with the requirements of the particular ISO / OHSAS Standard:

  • Industrial Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Transport
  • Mining Industry
  • Petro Chemical Industry
  • Retail

Your documentation will be woven to an integrated unit. The ISO and OHSAS Standards are loaded to the system together, as an integrated unit that covers all the necessary aspects.

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Dedicated Software for ISO / OHSAS Management

  • RynMag 182 System
  • RynMag 918 System
  • RynMag Novo
  • RynMag HM

Dedicated Software for Occupational Health & Safety Management

  • RynMag Li
  • RynMag Li S
  • RynMag 182 System
  • RynMag 918 System
  • RynMag HM
  • RynMag Novo

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