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Procedure to be followed:

  • Internal environmental compliance assessment audits are planned, scheduled, and implemented by the Environmental Management Representative (EMR) or designee. The identification of required resources forms part of the responsibilities of the EMR or designee;
  • The environmental compliance assurance program are developed and maintained by the EMR or designee. The EMR or designee also issues program support documents that are based on company environmental compliance assurance guidelines;
  • During the compliance assessment audit, assessment team members will gather information which includes checked items, interviewed personnel, and any possible regulatory non-compliance issues. The EMR or designee is then notified by the assessment team regarding any regulatory non-compliance. Facility management is then notified by the EMR or designee upon verification of non-compliance;
  • The assessment team, together with the responsible and accountable area or department representative review possible regulatory non-compliance issues. It is also the assessment team’s responsibility to prepare a CAR which identifies issues, corrective and preventative actions required, as well as the personnel responsible for completing these actions. The EMR or designee and area or department manager will meet with the CAR before its issuance;
  • After the preventative and corrective actions have been completed, the area or department manager will acknowledge completion of these actions by means of signing the original CAR and returning it o the EMR or designee;
  • A member of the assessment team will verify corrective and preventative actions. As soon as full compliance is determined or corrective and preventative actions has been accepted, an assessment team member will sign the original CAR and return it to the EMR or designee for closure and filing; and
  • A summary of open CAR’s based on regulatory non-compliance will be presented each calendar quarter by the EMR or designee to the facility management for review.
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