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Contact us to assist you with the setting up of Environmental Manuals.

If your business wants to be a success over the long-term, a well-written, consistently followed environmental management manual is non-negotiable. All environmental aspects concerning your business is standardized and documented in your organization’s environmental management manual. It can be viewed as a training textbook, helping all employees understand the finer details of environmental management. Even your clients can be assured of a consistent and pleasant experience.

Writing your Company Environmental Manual

When in the process of writing your environmental management manual, ensure that it is readable. Also use practical, easy-to-understand language.

Steps to be followed during your Environmental Manual Draft

Step 1: Setting Goals for Yourself


As you write the manual, consider the goals you would ultimately like to reach.

Step 2: Creating a Visual Overview your Business


You should create an organization chart for your business. Each area of responsibility should be addressed. A visual overview of the business should thus be created.

Step 3: Writing your Environmental Management Manual


A different section should be assigned for each aspect of the business. These include:

  • Outlining each section;
  • Developing a job description for the person responsible;
  • Listing all tasks necessary;
  • Writing down each task’s involvement; and
  • Spelling out step-by-step instructions to be followed.

Pictures, diagrams, or charts can be used to clarify your points. During this step, you should consider all things that could possibly go wrong and subsequently list them together with steps to correct them.

Step 4: Receiving Feedback


It is a good idea to ask someone with a similar background as your reader to go through the document and give feedback. Afterwards you will know whether steps were missed, details not mentioned, or words and concepts not easily understood.

Step 5: Reviewing your Environmental Management Manual


Now is the time to write your second draft. Consider hiring a professional editor if the manual is for others to use.

Step 6: Scheduling Regular Reviews

You should consider reviewing and updating the environmental management manual on an annual basis. As soon as new products or services are available, or changes made to existing products or services, the manual should be updated.

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