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General Requirements:

  • Providing a safe workplace for staff;
  • Identifying and controlling hazards;
  • Training and supervising staff; and
  • Recording all accidents and reporting all serious injuries to the OccupationalSafety and Health service ( OSH).

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General Duties of Employers to Provide a Safe Workplace

  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment;
  • Providing your staff with necessary facilities for their health and safety while at work, as well as maintaining these facilities;
  • Ensuring that equipment and machinery is safe;
  • Ensuring that your staff are not exposed to hazards when in the workplace or when they are working near the workplace and thus under your control; and
  • Developing procedures for dealing with emergencies.


Duties of Employers to Identify and Control Workplace Hazards

  • Taking all practical steps in eliminating any significant hazards;
  • If those steps do not eliminate the hazards, you must take all practical steps to isolate it from your staff; and
  • If those steps do not succeed in isolating the hazard, you need to take all practical steps to minimize the likelihood that the hazard will cause harm. You should thus provide protective clothing and equipment to your staff. You should also closely monitor their exposure to the hazard.


General Duties of Employers to Train and Supervise staff

  • Ensuring that your staff has the necessary knowledge to do their work or appointing someone else to supervise them in their duties; and
  • Ensuring that your staff is properly trained in the safe use of machinery and substances with which they work, as well as in the use of protective clothing and equipment.

General Duties of Employers to Record and Report Accidents

  • Recording all accidents in a special register kept for that purpose;
  • Notifying the Occupational Safety and Health Service (OSH) of any serious injury as soon as possible. Within seven days of becoming aware of it, a written notice should be handed to the Occupational Safety and Health Service explaining details of the injury; and
  • Duties relating to recording and reporting of accidents apply to all accidents involving not only employees but independent contractors as well.
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