RynMag 918

The RynMag 918 Management System is an even further extension of the RynMag 182 and you will receive all the benefits of the Safety Health Environmental and Quality Management included in the standard RynMag 182, but the RynMag 918 includes the process where significant use is made of a special process, where you as the manufacturer will be able to demonstrate the capability of the company to manufacture products of a required quality.

With the RynMag 918 you will, over a time period, confirm your manufacturing capability and staff competence as a result you will reduce your inset cost because:

  • The material used for a certain project will be more measured and over a time period you will have less wasted material.
  • You have control over material.

Being able to do your planning of the manufacturing process you can be certain of consistent assessment in one system, the RynMag 918 provides you with the comfort of having all your proof of manufacturing in this system that is easily accessible.

Creating a Project in the System (New)

  • Adding a new project to the system

  • Adding a new stage to the project this is where you will be able to create the different sections within the project.
  • Within each stage you will be able to create the actions that have to be completed in that particular stage.
  • You will be able to add your own inspection documentation, have basic action, material and specialized equipment that you can use in various stages and projects.

  • Assigning triggers to these actions will determine the order of how the project processes should function.

  • When you are done with your planning the execution can begin.
  • Choosing the work days either 5, 6 or 7 work days per week or you can pick your own days when you want to work on this project with the manual selection option on the calendar.

  • From here you will be able to view the different actions within the stages, you can view the documents that you have selected and uploaded during your planning phases and print these documents.
  • Scan the inspection documents back into the system, where you will be able to have total control and organized documentation of each project.

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