RynMag 182

The RynMag 182 Management System cuts the cost of Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Management. Book a consultation with us to get a better idea on the functionality of the system and how it can work for you.

The RynMag 182 management software is:

  1. Desktop based, ideal for more compact organizations as well as
  2. Server based for the larger corporation.

The RynMag 182 system is loaded with all relevant Legislation as required by the client as well as your own documentation, and manages it according to the requirements of the OHS Act and the OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 Standards.

RynMag systems aid organizations in providing a safe working environment for their workforce and in complying with Occupational Health and Safety requirements, in addition with compliance, working with RynMag will enable your organization to reduce the amount of risks posed.

Rynmag 182 is designed to perform specific functions all of which can be configured to specific requirements to ensure that RynMag seamlessly integrates with existing Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality processes.

It provides an integrated approach for:

The RynMag 182 has the following benefits:

  • General reduction of administrative time and overheads leading to greater efficiency and hence lower costs.
  • Easy implemented program with complete structure effective Standards Management – ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OSHAS 18001
  • Simple structure that requires minimal Training
  • Include your Site Files without the need for complex installations
  • Ensures that the viewer ALWAYS view the latest version of Approved documents, which avoids mistakes.
  • Notification informing users of required task reminders.
  • No more “lost” documents.
  • Saves storage space and costs
  • Improved security controls
  • All employees have access to relevant documentation.
  • RynMag 182 cut the costs of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Management.
  • Access to historical data

Basic Instructions (New)

  • When the system is installed at a client basic training will be provided but with our guideline on how to use this system the client will never be unclear about functions in the system.

Users (Improved)

  • RynMag Integrated Management System was developed to manage and share information with various users at different levels as it has an integrated Personnel section dedicated towards Health and Safety Management.
  • You can create different users with different roles and access to documentation.

Reminders (Improved)

  • One of the pillars of a good management system is the ability to keep track of training needs, the revision of documents, the resolution of incidents and the keeping of all scheduled tasks.

Managing of the documentation in the system (Improved)

  • The system contains existing structures, ready to load your Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Documents.
  • Included is the ability to accept any amount of documentation, whether legislation or otherwise, which could be managed by your personnel with ease.
  • The volume of documentation is of no concern for the RynMag 182 system.
  • The RynMag 182 system allows documents in MS Word, PDF, JPEG and various other formats to be stored alongside the specific records, which in turn allows for the retrieval of all relevant documentation related to the specific record, when required.

  • Documents are loaded into the system in such a way that the user could find it through either the ISO/OHSAS Standard or through a document list.
  • The standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 OSHAS 18001) are handled in all aspects and the system is pliable to accept individual interpretations of the Standards as required by each client.

  • The RynMag 182 system has a built-in Archive for the storing of all relevant documents even after their replacement.

Business Data (Improved)

  • The system manage various information pertaining to Occupational Health Safety Environment and Quality, and it has tamper-proof Incident and Non-conformance Registers, with the ability to store all applicable data in one location.
  • The business data of the business such as Labour Hours and Absentees are recorded in specific registers, and there is a Root Cause Analysis Program in the system that automatically compiles a report.
  • Entering the Electricity, Water, Petrol, Oil and Diesel Consumption it will be easy to keep track of the usage at certain time periods.

  • Example if you View an Incident

Site Files (New)

  • It doesn’t matter how many Site Files you have to manage. With RynMag 182 it is well organized and a breeze.

  • Select the documents that you want to include in your Site File and the system will print the selected documents with the specific index to your Site File.

  • The standard Site File contains all the necessary documentation that’s required.
  • The system has the ability to manage any amount of “Site Files”. There are a few structured Site Files, where the client just has to add their own relevant documentation.

Inspection Documents (New)

  • With the Inspection Documents function the RynMag 182 system enables you to save all of your inspection documents in one place, with easy access to these documents.
  • Once the documents are signed scan them back into the system and it will be saved under the date you have saved them. Keeping track of your inspection documents will be easier than ever before.

Personnel (Improved)

  • The system has a basic Personnel feature for the specific needs of the Health & Safety Environment.
  • This gives the administrator the tool to be able to handle all the demands in terms of the requirements as set out by the main contractor.
  • All relevant information is stored in one location and the access to all documentation regarding the specific person is immediate.
  • The substitution on a specific site could be handled within a few keystrokes as the determination of the person’s site specific inductions and / or medical certificates as well as the copies of all relevant documents are contained in this area.
  • The main contractor could be supplied with critical site file updates regarding personnel with ease.


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