RynMag 918 Inventory Management

RynMag Inventory was designed to keep track of all the stock and equipment in your inventory store that you need for your everyday business.

The Inventory Management System is there to keep track of who had taken, what was taken and if the necessary equipment is brought back in a working condition.

Supplier Detail (New)

  • Supplier detail ensures that you are able to add all the necessary detail for traceability whenever you have a problem with  your stock.
  • You have easy access to edit or view your suppliers.

Adding Stock (New)

  • Whenever you add stock in your system you will be able to know which stock is available for usage in projects.
  • You will enter the standard stock level of this particular product the minimum stock level that whenever you reach the minimum stock level the reminders at the start of the program will alert you that you have to reorder stock.

  • On the home screen you will see all the available stock listed.
  • For easy search of products you are able to search the products via category, supplier or product name.

  • Booking out products is very easy you simply choose for which project the stock will be and you select the stock from the available list that needs to be booked out.

  • A document will then be printed that the employee will sign for the goods that they have received, the person responsible for the stock scan this signed document back into the system. Traceability of the employees taking stock for which projects have never been easier.
  • Inventory Usage will enable you to view the inventory that you have used for each project.
  • Product History will let you view the product history for that specific project, when stock were booked out, by whom, and all the documentation related to this project and product.
  • You can add extra documentation to the product here as well.

  • You can view the stock history of the all the products when stock was bought and the documentation.

  • The reminders at the start of the program will let you know when your stock levels are low and which documents need to be uploaded. When the employee, collecting the stock signed the received document it needs to be scanned back and if it’s not scanned back the system will remind you that these documents are still outstanding.

Equipment (New)

  • Add the equipment that you want to have in your store available for projects.

  • To book equipment out  for a project you simply click a button, select the equipment that you want to book out, the employee collecting the equipment will sign a document stating that he received all of the equipment and that it is in a good working condition. This document then needs to be scanned back into the system again.
  • This equipment will be booked back into the system, where a list of all the booked out equipment will be available to choose which equipment you want to book in, a document will be printed stating that the equipment was brought back in a good working condition.

  • On the home screen you will be able to view all the equipment that you have and you are able to view the status of this particular equipment, available, booked out and repairs.

  • When you have equipment that is no longer available to use you simply write the equipment of and it will save the information of that particular equipment separating it from all the other equipment that are still available for usage.
  • When viewing the booking history you are able to see when and what equipment was booked by whom and the documents, for the different equipment you will be able to add documents for the each equipment piece here as well.

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