Environmental Management System

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RynMag has developed a Management System in South Africa for the local requirements with the ability to manage all documentation and actions to accomplish your company’s Environmental targets. This system is computer based and information can be shared with all employees having access to your local network.  The RynMag 182 System was developed to manage various levels of participation by employees, and these levels could be set by the client.

This Management System will contain all your relevant documentation. RynMag can assist in providing Environmental Management documentation if required. If you are looking for an Environmental Management System that complies with legislation and ISO 14001, RynMag 182 is your answer.

All documentation is immediately available to all employees and the enforcement of regulations or procedures could take effect in the shortest possible timeframe.

Incident Registers as well as Nonconformity Registers forms an integral part of the system. The system however is pliable to suit your requirements within the framework of the ISO 14001 Standard.

Environmental management set up according to the ISO 14001 standard, is a valuable management tool that will facilitate your business, recognize and manage the ecological impact of its actions, goods or services as well as to improve its environmental performance constantly. This will also execute a methodical approach to setting environmental goals and objectives, to accomplish these and to indicate that they have been attained.

RynMag 182 can easily be adapted by yourself to accept new parameters within your environmental management goals or procedures.  Call us on 082 805 0201 or book a consultation today, to see how powerful yet user friendly our RynMag 182 management system is.

The ISO 14001 for Environmental Management only provides you with standards to follow, but does not indicate stages of environmental performance, as each business would require a particular EMS standard as the levels of Environmental performance differs from business to business. The purpose of ISO 14001 is to offer a structure for a holistic, calculated approach to your business’s environmental policy, tactics and procedures.

As ISO 14001 does not provide you with the levels of environmental performance, RynMag can assist you to implement the standard, no matter what your level of environmental maturity is at the moment.

If you need assistance in compiling the relevant documentation to set up your ISO 14001 based Management system, RynMag will gladly assist in this regard. Contact us on 082 805 0201 or book a consultation today.

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