Health and Safety Management System

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Occupational Health & Safety Management is regulated by Law in South Africa and thus require dedicated attention to certain detail. If you are looking for a Health and Safety Management system, book a consultation with us. We have the system that you have been looking for.

If your primary concern is the requirements of the OHS Act, you can rest assured as all the management systems have the Legislation as basis.

The first fact to determine is the specific level of Occupational Health and Safety Management required by your Business.

If you are a Retailer who needs basic information on hand for the Safety File for your Business and all documentation regarding incidents regarding your employees please refer to the RynMag Retailer information section.

If you are doing light Industrial work such as Engineering, Building, Light Manufacturing and would like only the basic information as required by the Act, please refer to the RynMag LI information section.

If you are interested in the full management of your Occupational Health & Safety RynMag can Assist you accomplish your goals.

Creating a safe environment where your business can function, is a necessity to maintain a good business profile, and grow your business to the next level. Unfortunately not everybody knows exactly how this is done. The OHSAS 18001 standard is an assessment specification that has been recognized internationally. Developed by a collection of international standards and certification bodies, the OHSAS 18001 focuses on an area where no third-party certifiable international standard existed. The standard provides you with guidelines on how to continuously recognize and manage the Occupational Health and Safety risks of the business, decrease the likelihood for accidents, assist legislative compliance and improve your business’s performance in general.

The following criteria must be borne in mind when making the choice of management system to be implemented by your Business:

Ask yourself:
The product for you!
Does your business employ more than 20 personnel? Yes RynMag LI,LI-S,RynMag 182,
Do you want to comply only with the minimum requirements of the Act? Yes *More than 20 RynMag 182*Less than 20 RynMag LI/LI-S/182
Do you have to compile a Site Safety File for the purposes of doing contractual work on other Premises than your own? Yes *More than 20 RynMag 182 *Less than 20 RynMag LI-S
Would you like to manage all the Site Safety Files electronically? Yes RynMag 182,RynMag Novo
Do you want to manage the safety aspects of your personnel electronically? Yes RynMag 182,RynMag Novo
Would you want to determine Root Causes of Incidents and print reports? Yes RynMag 182,RynMag Novo
Do you want to have all information regarding nonconformity on hand? Yes RynMag 182,RynMag Novo
Do you want an easy manageable reminder system for all actions as required by law? Yes RynMag 182,RynMag Novo

RynMag 182 is the ultimate management tool for your Health and Safety requirements.

It is a computer based system that was developed in South Africa for the South African Legislation pertaining to the Occupational Health & Safety of workers. This means that by implementing the RynMag 182 System your company would be within the legal requirements of the OHS Act.  The RynMag 182 system does however assist your company to comply with the BSI 18001 Standard for Occupational Health & Safety. Once the system is implemented, Certification by a third party can take place if required.

All documentation are kept in one location but shared with all Relevant Parties. Updated documents are immediately available to all.

Inspections, meetings, revision of documents as well as incident investigation are all very important matters in managing the Occupational Health & Safety of your employees and are handled with the assistance of a reminder service.

Incident registers are part of the system and all relevant documentation are included in one location. Being part of the program means it is tamper proof. Non-conformances are handled in exactly the same way.

The system has a built in Root Cause Analysis section which generates reports at the stroke of a button.

Due to the nature of Occupational Health and Safety Management, certain personnel management functions have to be performed and therefore a personnel section is included in the RynMag 182 system.

When RynMag 182 was developed, we took notice of the following aspects:

  1. The importance on Health and Safety of all employees within the workplace.
  2. The obligation of employers as stipulated in various Acts of parliament.
  3. The amount of paperwork to be handled in the accomplishment of daily tasks of H&S personnel, reduced by RynMag 182.
  4. Due to the electronic management of  your H&S files, your H&S personnel has more free time for inspections.
  5. Seamless management system – when key personnel has to be replaced, the management of your H&S system would prevail with minimal disruption.
  6. All aspects of your system is available to your employees that has access to your local company network. User roles can be specified.

If you have more questions regarding RynMag 182 and how it can provide a Health and Safety Management solution to your company, book a consultation, or call us on 082 805 0201.

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