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Industrial ecology is a rather new discipline in the field of science. Industrial ecology focuses mainly on the environment, technology, and the economy, as well as the relationship between these three areas. Studies and research relating to industrial ecology includes environmental stewardship, environmental policies, biodegradable products, extending the life cycle of products, and in general making the world a safer and more eco-friendly place.

Why the need for Industrial Ecology?


Industrial ecology emerged due to the fact that people began to realize and take note of the impact the industrial world was having on the environment. The field of industrial ecology was thus created to ensure that the impact of the industrialized world on the environment would rather be a positive one than a negative one. Industrial ecology investigates how the industrialized world can live in unity with the environment. Industrial ecology studies the flow of resources, such as water, energy, products, and materials. Industrial ecology also studies the manner in which these mentioned resources flow through the world and how that flow is structured.

What is the importance of Industrial Ecology


Technology is also an important part of industrial ecology as it can help sustain a greener environment. Industrial ecologists use technological resources in order to create an environment which promotes sustainability. The phrase “science of sustainability” is sometimes used to describe industrial ecology. Industrial ecologists seek to solve sustainability problems and subsequently create a system in the world which uses natural ways together with technical scientific tools in order to solve the deteriorating environment we live in.

 Global Warming as part of Industrial Ecology


Global warming is one of industrial ecology’s main focus areas. Contrasting views are offered by scientists regarding global warming. Some researchers believe that global warming is cyclical and is the result of a natural occurrence which occurs every several thousand years. However, other researchers believe that global warming is a man-induced problem; they believe that global warming can be reversed or abated through the reduction of man’s carbon-footprint. Thus, industrial ecology has an important role to play in solving the problem concerning global warming, as it not only considers how materials are impacting the environment, but also how waste and byproducts can be eliminated in a way that does not have such a devastating impact on the environment.

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